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About Me

Dedicated & Committed

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Whether you have an upcoming special occasion (wedding, competition etc) or just trying to shift some extra weight to improve your self confidence, I am here to help you.

My experience

In addition to having over 20 years of fitness, coaching and personal training experience, I also hold a title for being a WBFF Pro. In my younger days I competed as a professional gymnast but I have also competed in different fields of fitness including natural body competitions all over the world.

I am committed to delivering first-class personal training, and believe that is important that you invest in the best. Why? Because investing in a quality trainer will leave you with long lasting benefits, long after the initial financial outlay.

About Professional Personal Trainer (Hampshire & Dorset) Alina Andrews

Hit your personal health and fitness goals


  1. You will obtain a leaner and stronger body, if you want to lose weight ;
  2. You will be able to surpass the body you had in your prime, if you want to get back into shape;
  3. you will be able to move to the next level, breaking through plateaues in your workouts at the gym

Personal Training

I conduct training sessions that are exciting and intense. My goal is to help you get achieve your goals efficiently and safely as possible to ensure long-lasting results.

To start with, I tailor a program to meet your needs and personal fitness goals. I ensure that we work hard to achieve your goals whilst respecting your physical capabilities (especially if you are recovering from any injuries).

Client testimonial

Alina is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to nutrition and fitness. She helped me reached my personal fitness and weight loss goals which was something I had been struggling with for years. She is honest, encouraging and focussed on helping her clients achieve personal success and fitness goals.

- Sean Mullins

Client testimonial

“Alina is a highly expereienced trainer with a depth of knowledge, support and accountability to help support you to achieve your goals, she also really cares about the results and you which is great. As an experienced coach myself it was important to find someone with this depth of knowledge. I worked with Alina specifically for stage competitions, something very different to my expertise with endurance sports. I learned and was challenged in a good, strict way. I would recommend Alina highly, for all goals in person if you are considering her and would work with her again for stage & gymanstics. Big thank you Alina.”

- Kim Ingleby
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